Sure Signs I Know I Am A Mum!

Sometimes I forget…..then I remember Ah Yes I Am a Mum…

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  1. Going to the supermarket on your own is seriously exciting. Seeing the specials make you smile and buy things you may never need or use.
  2. Picking up another human and smelling their butt a least a million times a day.
  3. A glass of wine a day is included in the 8 glass we are recommended. I swear that glass does such a great job!
  4. Having a shower on your own with the door closed is like being at a retreat for a whole day.
  5. Rather than changing your clothes after someone spews on you, you grab baby wipes and give it a quick wipe down. If it’s still visible we have a great way of pretending it’s not there. Pop a little more perfume on haha
  6. Cold coffee, hot coffee is overrated! I’m sure cold is better for digestion anyway.
  7. We have fairly high pain threshold. (We are women after all 😉 ) However standing on pieces of Lego takes pain to a whole new level. That shit kills! OUCH!!!!
  8. We use baby wipes to clean up everything. From a quick dust of the mantel to coffee rings on the bench. They are fabulous!
  9. Cooking a fabulous 3 course meal…….I don’t think so!! Cooking dinner, on the phone chatting with headphones, feeding 3 kids at once and folding washing. This my normal 5pm daily routine. It’s bloody crazy!
  10. If I sit too long my butt gets really sore. I’m not used to it any more haha
  11. I go through Napisan like no tomorrow. I think out of habit I put that in with every wash. Even for our dog’s blanket. She isn’t impressed with me when I return her washed blanket.
  12. If all three boys are having tantrums I grab the vacuum cleaner out and just turn it on, they shut up real quick. Then we can commence with our tower building, happy days.
  13. When I look in the fridge and see tubs and tubs of yogurt. It’s the ‘go to’ food when the little monkeys are being difficult eaters.
  14. When I say the line ‘Because I said so’ I really feel like a mumma! I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!!

You take a minute and think what it takes to be a mum or dad. Lots of time, effort, sleepless nights, sacrifices and most of all the love. The love is like no other. When you’re wiping that vomit or running on 2 hours sleep it’s hard to enjoy being a parent. Then you think of that love this little person gives and you share. It is fantastically AWESOME!!

Happy Hump Day People!!



My fantastic, frightening and definitely frustrating first year of parenthood

The first year becoming a parent is something you don’t forget..

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  1. We never found out what we were having with our eldest son, however found out at  with our 20 week scan with the twins. Both times it was a fabulous surprise! Which ever way you choose it’s great!
  2. The first time I too Zaci in the car it was a little scary. The thought of carrying the most precious thing you have in the car was a little daunting. The first trip with the twins I remember getting down the road and thinking oh sh#t do I have them all. How times have changed!! To this day it still happens,  I’m on my way somewhere and look back and do a head count. Eeekkk! (I always have all 3 thank goodness 🙂 )
  3. The first  head injury is very frightening. I’ll never forget Zaci tearing around out back room on his wheelie bee. Then BANG, his head hits the corner of the TV unit. He went limp and kept muttering words. We watched he come good very quickly (thank goodness) The lump on his head was moments away from splitting. Luckily he didn’t need stitches and wasn’t concussed. Fweeew that was close. Scary stuff!
  4. The first time I changed Zaci’s nappy in front of my 3 little nieces it was an educational experience. That was until Zaci’s little fountain wee’d all over one of my nieces face. She stood there in shock while the other 2 had a huge giggle. I have to say it was terribly hard holding in laughter. (I felt so sorry for her)
  5. The first time around I dressed Zaci in smart little clothes and gorgeous shoes. This time around with the little boys, one-sies are my best friend. If I could have my boys in them til they are 5 I would. So much easier on the amount of clothes washing. And easy to change nappies too.
  6. I’m quite an independent person. I found it a challenge to accept help in the beginning. This has changed since having children, I can cope and get through my days with the help of my support network. My friends and family have been there from day one and without them I’m sure I’d be a bit of a mess. If help is offered take it, if someone is in need of help give it. It’s the perfect gift to give and receive! 🙂
  7. Going without sleep…..this was certainly a shock to the system. You don’t know what a good night sleep is after having kiddies. Even if they sleep well, I’m sure you become a lighter sleeper.
  8. There’s no feeling quite like it when your baby/child smiles back at you, gives you a spontaneous cuddle on their accord or tells you that they ‘Love you’ out of nowhere. The feeling is amazing and nothing can match it!!

I love being a mum. There are some fabulous days and some days where I want to pull my hair out and scream. The good certainly out weighs the bad.I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

Hope your week is going well guys!


A Few Lies We Tell Ourselves Before We Have Children

We think about what we’d like our children and our life to be as parents, then the little monkeys come into our world and things are quite different..

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  1. I’m going to put the kids to bed later, they will then wake up later..                     For me doesn’t work like that, the later they go to bed the more feral they become the next day.
  2. I’m not going to let them watch any TV, iPad’s or play on my phone..                    When it’s the end of the day and the boys have eaten, I need to cook something for hubby and I. I find ABC Kids TV is my savior. It entertains the boys for a little bit of time for me to get things down. It calms them down and I must say the house is a lot calmer for it.
  3. I’m not going give my children packet food..                                                             Packet food saves my life! When I’m out on the run it is the best thing ever. My boys are used to eating either cold or just warm food. Not because I am mean, because if I’m out and I don’t have access to a microwave they are content with food just as is.
  4. I’m not going to raise my voice..                                                                                  For most of us this is so very hard. Sometimes the frustration gets too much, by the end of the day I’m sure I talk a few decibels higher than usual. I try to keep consistency though geez sometimes I can feel the steam coming out of my ears haha
  5. My children won’t be the pubic tantrum throwers..                                                    Absolute rubbish, Zaci loves to throw a nice tanti in the supermarket just as we approach the cash register. Especially is there are any balloons in sight. He first asks for one nicely then it becomes the loudest scream/yell. Hard to imagine such a loud voice coming out of a little person…..get me the hell outa here!!!!
  6. Everyone has kids it can’t be that hard..                                                                     It’s like nothing else, it’s challenging, tiring and it can really test your relationship. On the flip side, so rewarding and fun loving. I know my heart has never felt so full!
  7. I’m going to keep on top of my washing..                                                                    For anyone who knows me, knows that sometimes my sons have old socks on. Not because they don’t have socks, because I hate doing washing. Everything is clean, just folding and matching the god damn clothes. I hate it! I do it though I must say the poor old socks are the last thing I do. Sometimes they aren’t paired so I grab what I can and put them on. Nothing is perfect LOL 😉

Mummy’s little tip of the day – You can never really prepare yourself for children as much as you’d like to. This is what I have learnt along the way. Try not beat yourself up if you preconceived thoughts and plans don’t play out. It’s a challenge being a parent and I think we are all in the same boat going about our days the best we can. Next time you see that child having a tantrum in the shopping center give the mum a smile and sympathy gesture. We as mothers can’t help when out kids go crazy in public, support each other. We are on the journey together in different ways 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are, if the kiddies misbehave or you have a moment when you want to have a scream you aren’t alone….Mwahhhh


Today is one of those days

A simple text message makes everything better…


I’m surrounded by some fabulous people. I Love my Friends and Family, they really assist with making me who I am. I am forever greatful! 🙂

Today is one of those days where I woke up feeling tired emotionally and physically. I think the last week has just caught up with me. Being in sleep school was relaxing however there was a lot for the mummas and I to learn. A lot to focus on and think about. So today is going to be a rest day.

I just received the most lovely message from a girlfriend, her kind words and thoughts of me brought a tear to my eye. To think a person could think such lovely things about me really blew me away. I have to say the message has made my day! It’s a reminder to me that a little thought, message or phone call to a friend or family member with some kind words could really change a persons day from not so great to wonderful. 

Mummy’s little tip of the daySend that kind message, tell that person how you feel about them. Be grateful they are in your life. Surround yourself with people who lift you as you lift them. Everyone is fighting their own battle, the best battle to fight is one with good people around you!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


Sleep School ZzzzzzZzzzzzz

Feeling good with the progress..

FullSizeRender (10)

It was a tough day last Sunday saying goodbye to Hubby and Zaci. Knowing I wouldn’t see them both a day shy of a week was hard. I left them both at the beach house, came home, packed the little boys’ and my bags. Made sure there was nothing a miss, had a quiet dinner and an early night. Gus waking several times screaming that night confirmed our decision to attend sleep school for the week was the right decision for us.

Our admission time was just after lunch, I had a few things to buy on the way. (The important magazines and snacks 😉 )

My sister assisted us with drop off. It was nice having that support, especially when carrying so many bags and accessories. Children really need a lot of stuff…hey?!!

The first few days the children are assessed, the doctors put a plan in place. Then it’s time for us to take over and learn the routine of sleep.

We were advised the first few days back at home would be challenging because our children would naturally go back to old habits. This happened yesterday for the first sleep at home. However since then both boys have been great. Ted has always been a great sleeper. On the other hand Gus managed to lead a very active life on 6-7 hours sleep in 24hours. Some days he would have a few more hours to catch up however most of the time this would be his routine. He never really slept during the day. It was hard to put him down because he would scream and scream waking Ted. It was wearing on the whole family though most of all it was wearing on him. If left much longer we were advised by specialists it would take toll on his growth and development. This really concerned us, hence the reason to take this action.

So we haven’t looked back!! It’s early days however we know it’s going to take time for him to adjust to his new routine, there may be days/nights where he reverts. The comforting thing is, we now have the knowledge and technique to assist his sleep. The strike rate is high and for the majority of children it works. Fingers crossed we are the majority!

At the end of it all, I have met some lovely ladies from all walks of life. Most of them will be life long friends. We shared funny stories, had some good days and some very average days. There was always someone to support you during the time. We were all there for the same reason, to get some sleep!

Feel free to email with any questions and quires!

Wishing you all a good night sleep…….ZzzzZzzz