Surrounded By Great People (not baby related)



Our Nanny is a lovely lady. She has recently bought a second property and has requested for my hubby to do the plumbing on it. Apparently a lot of work needs to be done and felt he would be best for the job. The first thing she said to me when she requested his number was ‘I would rather give the work to someone I know and trust. Money in a persons bank that I know is better than in a complete strangers.’ She made it very clear she didn’t want any form of discount and chose to go with him purely to give us business. I thought this was lovely.

I love supporting the people I know in their businesses. It’s a tough world out there. I know some people who have opened their own business and for what ever reason needed to close. I also know people dear to me who have lost jobs. I really feel sick for them and prey they find work sooner than later.

I have got into the habit of supporting our local shops. I have a lovely beauty therapist who I have recommended clients to, purely because their service is second to none. Every time I go I walk out extremely happy. Level of professionalism is perfect and so friendly. I was offered a discount because of the referrals, I was embarrassed. A discount never crossed my mind for the referrals. I did it purely to give them business.

I’ll never forget walking into my local newsagent for the first time, after paying I saw a sign as I walked out. it said ‘We know you had a choice, thank you for choosing us!’ It’s true, we do have a choice where we spend our money. I like to pick wisely, it could make a difference to someones’ life.

Happy Hump Day People!