Looking after your skin

My routine…IMG_0150.JPG



People ask me all the time what I use on my skin. There’s two things I can’t live without. My ‘Got-To’ skin care range and my Runway Room ‘Face Base’ foundation.

Both of these products work hand-in-hand to keep my skin well hydrated, dewy and clear. Face Base is beautiful light and hydrating. The best thing about this foundation is you can build it up to have more coverage if you like, say for evening. And light and fresh for day. It’s perfect! The skin care range has everything you need, from cleanser to a fabulous ‘Face Hero’ oil, this is like a magic potion under your moisturizer, I love it!

I’ve tried many products over my life time. I thank my Nan for my love of skin care products and bathroom full of cosmetics. She was the same, the minute a new product came onto the market she was there buying it and giving it a go. At the ripe old age of 93 she looked to be in her 60’s-70’s, she thanked two things, looking after her skin with good care and a shandy most nights to assist relaxation.

With all of the Christmas parties, late nights and plenty of drinking it’s so important to take your make up off at night. Even if you don’t feel like it, do it. You’ll never regret it the next morning. Btw, it’s been proven by experts that leaving makeup on over night accelerates the aging process…..now no body wants that!! Haha

Have a wonderful weekend guys! Look after your skin and most of all enjoy this time of year. Kick up your heals and have fun!!

Links to my favorite products are below…













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