Fabulous Ticks So Far

When you tick them off…it feels so damn good! (not in any particular order)

FullSizeRender (11)

  1. NO sterilizing. The boys made it to 6 months and I thought that’s it, you’re on the floor picking up things and putting into your mouth, surely that’s dirtier than washing bottles by hand and tap water.
  2. No ‘over night’ feeds. I don’t know what was worse, waking every three hours or the crap on TV. Actually both were pretty bad ekkkk
  3. No more in and out of the car capsules. They were heavy and annoying.
  4. All car seats are forward facing, so much easier to get the monkeys n and out of the car.
  5. Finishing breastfeeding. I wasn’t fond on breastfeeding. It was uncomfortable and having two babies hanging off me whilst watch a toddler getting up to crazy things was stressful.
  6.   They play all together….for a little while before Zaci knocks the little boys over. I can fit in a coffee while watching them happy.
  7. No more dream feeds. Trying to stay awake til 10:30pm on a school night isn’t easy. Pop them in bed at 7pm and fingers crossed no peep til  morning.
  8. Feed them on the run. If it is nearing lunch time and I have been caught out and about with not enough food. Dropping by the bakery to grab lunch for the boys is so easy now. Yay to not having to pre-prepare everything.

While there is still a long way to go, they have come so far. It gets easier as time goes on and more sleep at night is more accessible. It goes fast, and while I want the boys to grow up I don’t want to loose my babies too quick.

Have a fabulous afternoon! Stay cool Melbourne, and stay safe where ever you are in the world 🙂






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