The Hand Goes Up..

Frustrating food times…..

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Happy Hump Day people! It’s dinner time for most kiddies in the Southern Hemisphere.

On a whole my boys are pretty good eaters. I guess I have been lucky. Til now that is…… My lovely little boy Ted is finding lots of new ways to use his hands. Up to the mouth, the whole hand to the wrist in the mouth, palm out across his mouth. Every which way, its there, and it’s not going anywhere. I must say he certainly isn’t fading away, however I’m sure there isn’t a parent out here that doesn’t worry a little when their child refuses food for days and days.

Ted is generally the quietest and more relaxed out of my boys. They always say, ‘Watch out for the quiet ones’ don’t they,  haha! I think if you offer it and they don’t take don’t get worked up. A nurse once told me, if they are hungry their brain won’t let them starve. Keeping this in mind I’m not fussed, just frustrated at all the wasted food on the ground and all over the high chair.

We all go through it at some stage. Some days I don’t want to eat much, they aren’t too different are they….

Have a great night, and enjoy your dinner. Even if our little monkeys don’t 😉







Happy Friday..

It’s the best time of the week again…nearly the weekend!

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It’s been a great week for the boys and I. It’s gone so so fast that’s for sure. We are back into the swing of being home from holidays, work, care and all the in between. Thankfully the weather has been lovely here in Melbourne, which makes live much more enjoyable.

This morning started with orientation to 3 year old kinder. I’ve chosen a cute little Kinder near home. Zaci is a shy kid, even though he has been in care since he was 6 weeks old, he is still very reserved. It’s his personality and he is spitting image of what his dad used to be as a child. This morning did surprise me though, he was happy to go off and have a play with the children in the 4 yo group, while I was chatting to his teacher. It was nice to see. He didn’t want to come home when I went to leave. He was a very brave boy, surrounded by a group of bigger and louder children. Next week might be another story though.

I have been to and fro-ing with the idea of sending him this year. Because he has just turned 3 I thought he would be super young in his group. To my surprise there is 5 other children as young and a couple even younger than him. We will give it a go for this term and see how he goes.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, social time and family time, love it!  Hope your Friday treats you well guys! Enjoy your day where ever you are.





A new year…

2016 I love you already…

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Happy to say my page is up and working again! Hence me absence 😦


I’m back from our holiday with my hubby, boys and family. We had a wonderful time at the family beach house. It was literally a party every night. The boys loved being around their cousins playing. It was easy, the weather was lovely. The cooler days were spent baking and painting and the warmer at the beach.

Being home again is also lovely. Back in routine with life, working and activities for the boys. Drinking less and eating a tad lighter. Nothing quite like coming home to your own bed.

This year has started off with a bang. Within a blink of an eye we are in February. Where does the time go? It’s crazy!! My big boy turned 3 and before I know it our little boys will be 2 in August. Goodness! I must say as time is going on, the easier it is becoming!

I was on Facebook the other week watching all the kiddies get ready for their first day at school, thinking geez that will be me before I know it.  It was so lovely see see the little smiling faces. Can’t help think that’s going to Zaci before I know it. Making the most of my time with the boys is priority. Tuesday’s are just Zaci and I, I love it. Tuesday’s are special – playing, cooking, digging and hanging out. Making the most of time with my big boy.

Mummy’s little tip of the dayPut your phone down, turn music/TV off for an amount of time (what ever works for you) Set up activities to play with you child or children, put all of your focus onto them and have fun. Unless I do this I find I get so distracted with everything else, before I know it it’s dinner and bed time. Unfortunatley I have to put time limits on it, if I didn’t nothing would get done. I can tell my boys are calmer if I focus all of my attention on them for a period of time. Then they get over me and Zaci says ‘Ok mumma you can go now’ (He really does haha) 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday people! In Melbourne it’s a perfect Summers day! Get out and about. Enjoy the sunshine!