The Hand Goes Up..

Frustrating food times…..

image1 (8)

Happy Hump Day people! It’s dinner time for most kiddies in the Southern Hemisphere.

On a whole my boys are pretty good eaters. I guess I have been lucky. Til now that is…… My lovely little boy Ted is finding lots of new ways to use his hands. Up to the mouth, the whole hand to the wrist in the mouth, palm out across his mouth. Every which way, its there, and it’s not going anywhere. I must say he certainly isn’t fading away, however I’m sure there isn’t a parent out here that doesn’t worry a little when their child refuses food for days and days.

Ted is generally the quietest and more relaxed out of my boys. They always say, ‘Watch out for the quiet ones’ don’t they,  haha! I think if you offer it and they don’t take don’t get worked up. A nurse once told me, if they are hungry their brain won’t let them starve. Keeping this in mind I’m not fussed, just frustrated at all the wasted food on the ground and all over the high chair.

We all go through it at some stage. Some days I don’t want to eat much, they aren’t too different are they….

Have a great night, and enjoy your dinner. Even if our little monkeys don’t 😉







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