When you have a passion, you never work a day in your life!

It’s time….

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I have been MIA…..I have a good reason though haha. I’m excited to announce that I am opening my own business. A  Hair and Make Up salon. For people who know me well, they know it’s been a long time coming. I feel now is the time! My very talented sister (who is a hairdresser and make up artist) was looking for a change in direction and we both thought….if I don’t do it now she’ll move on somewhere else! I have been in the hair and beauty industry for 21+ years. It’s what I know and what I absolutely love! I’m lucky to have her own board with me and we can’t wait to get moving!

You might be wondering……OK how is this crazy mumma going to do this! I’m pleased to say with the support of my hubby and family and of course my wonderful nanny. My hubby has his own business and is quite flexible with his hours of work. I’m sure there are many dads out there who would love to drop off or pick their children up from kinder or school. This has always been a dream for Sammy, I’m glad he will be able to do this. It will definitely take the pressure of my hubby with his work load too, he hasn’t always been a super well person and his health can decline very easily with too much stress or over work. So assisting the best way I can, will be good all round 😉

It has been a very involved few months and the process does take up time. I’m so very grateful for my gorgeous friends who have been there with every step during this process. You know who you are…. I can’t thank you enough. Mwahhh!

I really appreciate my friends and family so much! The support they have given to my family and I has been incredible. I really couldn’t have done this without them. You realise the selflessness in people when you need it most. I couldn’t be more grateful for having them in our lives. Letting people know you love them and enjoy them being around is such an important thing. Support, respect, trust and love is the key to a happy life. Give it with no stings, it’s the best way to live!

Can’t wait to let you all know I am open! Counting down the days !

For my Melbourne followers, have a fabulous long weekend! 🙂






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