Hi there, I’m Bilie!

Welcome to my page, I’ll begin by telling you a little bit about me.

I am a mother of 3 gorgeous boys. Iszac who has just turned 2 and twin boys Gus and Ted, they are nearly 8 months old. Yes your calculation is correct, I am a mother with 3 children under 2.  The question that may spring to mind is……how do you do it?  This is a question I am asked about 10 times a day, mostly by strangers at the shopping center, the park or even in a doctors surgery while I wait to take the boys in for their immunizations. I respond with 3 little words and a smile ‘I just do’.

Becoming a new mum can be overwhelming to say the least, and remaining sane as time goes on can be a real challenge .

The amount of times I have heard the line ‘Well they don’t come with a manual’. ‘They’, being our precious little bundles of joy. Bundles of joy…….sometimes other words can spring to mind, let’s be honest.

I sat down one day and thought to myself, there are so many new mums out there don’t have the capacity to comprehend having time to shower, cook dinner or even call that friend back from a week ago.  For these reasons I chose to start my blog, share my experiences as a busy mumma and hopefully help at least a few mummas along the way or at least encourage a giggle and smile. I’ll be sharing tips and tales that help me get through the day. Please remember, you are not alone!

There is a lot of focus on – Falling Pregnant, Pregnancy, Babies and Raising Children. Not enough on looking after those special people who have, (in my opinion) the most important job in the world, Parents. 

I look forward in sharing my journey as a busy Mumma. Feel free to comment, ask questions or vent.

Remember take care of number one (number one being you) then you can take care of anything 🙂

Cheers Bilie x








4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kitty Mackinnon says:

    This is brilliant! I’m so excited! Without realizing it Bilie you have definitely helped me along my journey of becoming a new mumma. Firstly with fertility problems and now as a mum.

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    • mummyslittlehelper says:

      Thank you Kitty! I’m so pleased I could and can be a help to you. I’m just a mum doing my thing and enjoying it. I hope I can help other mums really enjoy being a mum though most importantly enjoy being them.


  2. Jules Sierakowski says:

    You are an inspiration. I truly looked to you in those first few days of becoming a mum, having you there to help me walk out those doors without my boy, and even now I catch up with you and you still keep me on my toes. You are truly someone who others need to learn from good on you for sharing xx

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  3. mummyslittlehelper says:

    Thank you for your kind words Julie! Having a baby is huge, throw a premature baby in the mix is a whole other ball game. I’m so pleased I could be a support to you while your little boy and my twins were in special care. It’s a bond we will always share.

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